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Do You Know What Locks Need?

07/05/2015 Back To Blog

Do You Know What Locks Need?What is not absolutely clear to people, they avoid it! When it comes to locksmith services, they often have ignorance of the usefulness and purposes of each service and so they just don't bother with them. If door locks had a mouth and tongue, they would tell their own stories and make their demands. Trying to figure out on our own what locks need, why, and when is not easy.Why should you rekey them if they need replacement? And what's the purpose of lock rekey when you actually require brand new locks?

Is the task done properly? What's the meaning of having the locks replaced if they are not installed right? Do you know how many people invest large amounts of money for getting expensive deadbolts and finally fail to secure their property right due to wrong deadbolt installation? Just drilling the wrong hole for the bolt could keep it from entering all the way in the strike plate. There are many things to watch out for when it comes to locks so you avoid spending money and time on wrong tasks and compromising security.

Do you know why lock rekey is needed?

So, one of the most important things is to make sure the job (any job) is done properly. Whether we are talking about the installation of new security door locks or their repair, make sure the task is completed properly. This ensures the lock will be resistant enough to keep burglars out. The next crucial thing is to recognize what's wrong with your lock so that the right repairs will be carried out. Not all problems have the same solutions. If the mechanism is broken, there is usually not much you can do. If the cylinder is just loose, just tighten the screws. There are often different ways for dealing with one problem. If the bolt is not inserted in the strike plate, it might be improper installation but also a misaligned strike plate or loose door hinges causing the problem.

When the problem is not fixable, the locks are old or you simply want to upgrade security, it's best to replace them. Rekeying is meant to serve a completely different purpose. It is actually the changing of the pins, which match with the key. The purpose of rekeying a lock is to have a new key by configuration of the lock.This is vital when co-tenants move out or you move to a new house. Every little task has its own significance and is meant to increase security. So, don't let your locks go unnoticed.

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