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There is always room to expand your knowledge on door locks and to achieve even higher door security. This locksmith FAQ page has been especially designed to help you with this. Here you will obtain the detailed answers to some of the main questions which our clients commonly ask us.

Our company safely repairs all your antique cabinet locks

I can't close the door. Is it a lock problem?

Check whether the bolt of your door locks is inserted in the strike plate by keeping the door slightly open. If not, there are three possible problems. The first is related to problems with the deadbolt, the second with the strike plate, and the third with the door. In any case, our technicians say that they will need alignment.

What information do I need to replace car keys?

There is certainly a need to know the special identification number of your vehicle. It's also necessary to know the brand, year, and type of car. A car key replacement is produced only when the right information about the car is provided. In addition, have personal identification to verify you are the owner.

Is it safe to keep the locks after a break-in attempt?

If the locks are sufficiently advanced to provide a high level of security and are in good condition, it makes sense to stay with them. It is best to have them rekeyed to ensure that the property won’t be accessible with any of the old keys. If the locks are advanced, but have been damaged, you will be able to keep them if they can be properly repaired and rekeyed.

Should I break open the lock if it doesn’t work?

Breaking the lock open should be your last resort. If you are unable to unlock the door at your home, we can help you out! One of our locksmiths will be able to handle your problem in a much more effective manner, as breaking the door at your home puts your abode at risk.

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