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Forget about confusion and mistakes when it comes to using and caring for door locks and keys. Here you will find all of the practical tips you need to achieve optimal security and convenience. They are on a diverse range of topics in the locksmith field so there is something for everyone.

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Don't hide spare keys outside

In an attempt to avoid house lockouts, people hide an extra key on the window sill, inside the mailbox, under the door's mat or beneath plants. It's too risky to do that and our professionals like to inform you that such actions often lead to burglaries because intruders never forget to check all these places for the targeted home's keys.

Rekey new locks

Even if your house and locks are completely new, don't be too sure of your security just yet. Unless the landlord has assured you that he had the locks replaced or rekeyed upon the departure of the previous tenants, rekey the locks yourself. Realtors also keep keys and often forget to return them. Don't take your chances.

Look for common security features when buying a safe

The safe should have solid steel construction for minimizing the risk of forceful entry. The number of bolts and their size are also important. Thicker and longer bolts will be more difficult to overcome. The door should be highly resistant to prying, and the tethering cables should be strong and resistant to damage.

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